Warranty & Repairs

Is there a problem with your product? Don't worry, we're here to help. Register your product for repairs immediately using the green button or read this page for more information.

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All products that can be purchased from us are subject to statutory warranty and manufacturer's warranty. This means that the product should do what consumers can reasonably expect of it.

Warranty rules

It is important to us that your product is repaired properly and quickly. That is why we work with the best repair companies certified by the brand of your product. This way, we can guarantee a repair that meets the manufacturer's standards. When you purchase a product from us, you are entitled to a two-year legal warranty, but some products also have a manufacturer's warranty. This warranty is provided directly by the manufacturer. The legal and manufacturer's warranty expire at the same time, in which the legal warranty serves as the basis, and the manufacturer's warranty can be seen as an addition.

The repair company will determine whether your defect is covered by the warranty or not.

  • Your product has software problems or another defect through no fault of your own
    If your product stops functioning properly due to a manufacturing defect, repair is covered by the warranty and is free of charge. Your product will be delivered back to you free of charge after repair. Of course, you prefer to avoid that your product has to be repaired. Fortunately, you can solve many software problems yourself. Therefore, always check out our page with common problems and solutions before you send your product for repairs.

    Please note: Does your product also have user damage? The repair company always repairs all defects in order to guarantee the quality of the product. A partial repair is not possible. It is therefore possible that you will receive a quotation for this.

  • Your product has user damage
    Fall, impact, water, and pressure damage are never covered by the warranty. Your warranty is also cancelled in the event of damage caused by dirt, which affects the functioning of your product, or incorrect cleaning of your product. Finally, your warranty also expires if the device is opened by a third party, which is someone who doesn't have permission from the manufacturer. In those cases, you'll always receive a quotation. You can then decide for yourself if you want your product repaired against that price.

Repairs not covered by the warranty

Your product's brand selects the repair shops that are allowed to carry out warranty repairs. After the repairs by a party certified by the brand, the original warranty period of your product will start again. These repair shops always use original parts and check your product completely, so that everything works as it should and your product meets the standards of the brand. Because of this, a quote for a repair that is not covered by the warranty can sometimes be higher than you might expect.

Does your phone have user damage and is it therefore not covered by the warranty? Then you can also choose to have your phone repaired at a non-certified repair company in your area. These parties are often cheaper and faster and sometimes also offer the possibility to use original parts. Keep in mind that after the repair you will no longer be entitled to the manufacturer's warranty.

Please note! If you let your device be repaired by an uncertified party, you will lose the warranty on your device. We therefore only recommend this if your defect is not covered by the warranty and the warranty period of your product expires within a few months.

Register your device for repairs

We are sorry to hear that you are having issues with your phone or tablet! Luckily, we can fix this for you. We always give a 2-year warranty on all our telephone devices. Repairs usually take somewhere between 5 and 10 business days. If the repairs company needs to order parts, this can be a bit longer.

Always reset your device to the factory settings before you send it for repairs. Do you have an Apple iPhone? Then make sure the Find My iPhone function is disabled. Otherwise your device can not be repaired.

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Register your accessory for repairs

A faulty accessory is very inconvenient, but we will help you to fix it. We always give you at least 6 months warranty on all accessories.

Tip! Did your accessory cost less than €30? If so, send a picture of your broken product via the contact form at the bottom of our Customer Service page. Then we can help you even faster.

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Restore your device to factory settings

Before you send your device for repairs, it is necessary to restore the factory settings. This removes all your settings, apps and pictures from your device. You can create a back-up to restore these files and settings. In our device support we explain how to back up and reset your device.